Activities and Daily Schedule

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is centered on children’s innate curiosity and their need to explore, create, and learn through play. Research shows that young children learn best through play, “hands-on” activities, and interactions with materials, adults, and other children.

Teachers at Rainbow School provide engaging activities in creative arts, science, math concepts, letter and sound recognition, and large and small motor skills with a balance of child-directed and teacher-directed activities. Basic skills and concepts are taught with games, projects, materials, songs, rhyming, direct instruction, and open-ended questions.

We seek to know each child’s strengths, learning style, and interests, and support each child’s developmental process with love and understanding. We foster communication skills, problem-solving, cooperation, positive self-esteem, empathy, and respect for others. Children’s social and emotional growth is foundational for learning, school success, and life.

Daily Schedule

9 AM – 12:30 PM – play group, preschool, or prekindergarten class activities

  • Prekindergarten class (4- and 5-year olds): Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9 AM – 12:30 PM (note: child needs to be toilet-trained)
  • Preschool class (3- and 4-year olds): Tuesday and Thursday 9 AM – 12:30 PM (note: child needs to be toilet-trained)
  • Play group classes (2- and 3-year olds): Monday and Wednesday 9:30 AM – 12 PM or Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 AM – 12 PM (note: child may be in diapers)

12 PM – lunch

Afternoon care can either be contracted in advance or “drop in” by the hour, and is flexible to meet parents’ schedule.

Snacks and Lunch – Families need to provide nutritious lunch and snack(s) for their child(ren). Your child should bring his or her snack/lunch in a bag or box marked clearly with his or her name, insuring that the proper food goes to your child and that no snack/lunch gets lost. Food items should represent at least two food groups, but remember that a preschooler’s portion is about 1/4 that of an adult’s. When you drop off your child, please put the lunch/snack labeled with your child’s name on the table in your child’s classroom.

Your child(ren) won’t need candy, gum, or money at school so please ensure that these items stay at home. Water will always be available for your child at school. Please don’t bring glass containers. Also, please don’t bring food requiring preparation, heating, or refrigeration.

If a child’s snack/lunch is forgotten, Rainbow School will provide one for your child at the cost of $3 (to be paid later by the child’s parent/guardian).