2018 Chinese New Year Parade in Mendocino

The 2018 Chinese New Year Parade will be held on Thursday, February 15 in Mendocino, California. This annual event usually starts at 10:45 AM so we’ll need to line up about 10:30 AM to be ready to march. The parade is always exciting and fun!

We’ll take the Tuesday/Thursday class to march in the parade this year. Playgroup parents: please speak with teacher Laranda.

All children and families are welcome to join Rainbow Preschool kids marching along with students from many schools or watch and cheer the parade along Main Street, in Mendocino.

Rainbow Preschool kids will line up on Main Street, on the corner of Lansing Street, on the south side of the street facing west towards Ford House – behind Sprouts students who follow behind Mendocino K-8 School students.

A good spot to view the parade is in front of Ford House, along the fence.

Everyone is encouraged to wear red and/or Chinese-style clothing.

Families are welcome to take their children through the line to view the Temple of Kwan Tai on Albion Street, but we won’t take the Tuesday-Thursday class as the line is generally too long for the younger ones to wait.

Note: If it rains, we won’t be able to attend.

UPDATE: See local coverage of this event: Children’s Parade Celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year (Mendocino Beacon, February 22, 2018)