2023 Family Participation: Rainbow Preschool List of Projects to Be Done

Hello, all!

Here is the list of possible projects and things to be done around the Rainbow campus.

Please feel free to park in the blue handicap parking spaces when dropping off and picking up your children.      

I’m enjoying being a substitute teacher in your children’s classes.

Looking forward to spring!


2023 Projects to Be Done

  • Be the “sweeper person” for the cement walkway and stairway to the playground
  • Rake chips to the area under the swings and at the end of the slide – rake chips out of the grass area
  • Prune, thin, and shape ornamental plum trees in the play yard or start the process
  • Do a project or presentation with the children: art, food, music, or other?
  • Play a game or read with a small group of children – good times to do it: 12:30 PM or 1:30 PM
  • Wash the south  windows facing the play yard – note: we have the equipment
  • Remove, sand, or wire-brush rust areas on the play equipment and touch up with rustoleum paint – top pipe bam on swings is bad, green handle bar on the slide
  • Replace rusty screws on monkey bars with stainless steel screws          
  • Replace rusty eye ring on the swing chains
  • Put a new pedal on the red tandem trike
  • Sand and seal (rejuvenate) picnic benches – (unsure what product to use, but will supply)
  • Cut back hedge on the east side of the playground as well as vines and ivy along the fence and wall
  • Weed in play yard along fences and in wood chips around the yard
  • Weed the garden bed at the south end of the play yard and amend the soil
  • Donate compost or soil amendment and plant
  • Rejuvenate plant containers for pollinator plants at the east end of the yard – donate pollinator plants or start seeds – do you have any ideas for that area?
  • Wash or scrub inside the wood playhouse in the north-east corner of the play yard
  • Replace cabinet latches on the school’s oak storage cupboards – need help  to find appropriate latches
  • Consult with Georgia about modifying the water pump set-up and troughs in the north-west gravel area

Please contact us with any questions.