Scholastic My Big World Magazine Online Sign-in

Hello all,    The Scholastic educational short videos are well done and interesting for children (and adults!).  We sometimes watch them at school when we can fit them in our activity filled days.


Dear Parents / Caregiver,

This year, our class is receiving My Big World with Clifford™, a magazine just for preschoolers. It features engaging nonfiction articles that help build knowledge and vocabulary. It also has many early-learning activities on its website.

You can visit the My Big World website at home. You and your child will be able to:

  • listen to articles being read aloud
  • watch short videos that build knowledge
  • play simple educational games
  • print activity pages


  • Go to
    (It’s safe and free of advertisements.)
  • Click the “Sign in” button, select Students, and Enter the Classroom Password=.     rainbow1978


  • Visit the iTunes® App Store℠ and search for Scholastic Classroom Magazines.
  • Download the FREE Scholastic Classroom Magazines App.
  • Open the app. When prompted, enter your child’s Classroom Password.

For more info., visit the Scholastic website.

Please contact us with any questions.

New Year 2019

Good New Year 2019!

The children and teachers were happy to return to school. We all are especially happy to have Teacher Nancy return to Rainbow after being out on medical leave for 7 weeks. She’s well and doesn’t require chemo or radiation. Yeah! She’ll start back to school slowly: this week (January 14) just 2 days a week for now, Tuesday and Friday.

Monday, January 21 – Rainbow Preschool is closed for Martin Luther King Day

You may want to share Dr. King’s dream with your children of wanting all children (and adults) to be judged by the content of their character and heart, not by color of their skin.

Children’s social-emotional growth is most important in their early years. A National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) article, “Preschooler’s Social Skills Steer Life Success” states, “brain research continues to show positive early experiences promote optimum brain development and impacts all areas of development: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. Children’s overall growth is optimized with support in developing their social and emotional intelligence. There is an inextricable link between children’s social and emotional competence, learning, and school readiness.

Teachers and parents can foster children’s school readiness by focusing and building on some key factors: confidence, curiosity (ask open-ended questions: “I wonder what would happen if…?”), self-control, cooperation, communication (being “fully present” when listening), relating to others (look for opportunities to discuss empathy – when a child is hurt, involve other children in comforting him/her), and intentionality (in modeling and coaching).

In preschool and peer interactions, children encounter experiences that will further their social and emotional development. These experiences with others help them to understand, express, and regulate their own emotions, learn to recognize social cues from teachers and peers, and learn and play together well in groups.

It’s a treat to hear children’s voices, laughter, dialogue, singing, etc. I like to watch the children from the “viewing” windows into classrooms and pop in to observe, visit, or help with the children. There is sweet camaraderie growing among children in all the classes. Lasting friendships often begin in preschool; I’ve heard this from many of our alumni: young adults and teenagers.

Please feel free to ask a teacher or myself anything regarding your child, our school, etc. or to set up a time to talk. A couple of children are transitioning from the Playgroup to the Preschool class.

We have openings in all our classes so please spread the word. However, the smaller classes are wonderful.



Please contact us with any questions.

Chinese New Year Parade 2019 to be announced

The Chinese New Year Parade gnerally starts at 10:45 AM  with 2019 date to be announced. Line up about 10:30 AM to march. The parade is always exciting and fun!

We’ll take the Tuesday/Thursday class to march in the parade this year. Playgroup parents: please speak with teacher Laranda.

All children and families are welcome to join Rainbow Preschool kids marching along with students from many schools or watch and cheer the parade along Main Street, in Mendocino.

Rainbow Preschool kids will line up on Main Street, on the corner of Lansing Street, on the south side of the street facing west towards Ford House – behind Sprouts students who follow behind Mendocino K-8 students.

A good spot to view the parade is in front of Ford House, along the fence.

Everyone is encouraged to wear red and/or Chinese clothing.

Families are welcome to take their children through the line to view the Temple of Kwan Tai on Albion Street, but we won’t take the Tuesday-Thursday class as the line is generally too long for younger ones to wait.

Note: If it rains, we won’t be able to attend.