December 2022 Rainbow Craft Fair: Items and Food for Sale

Dear families,

Looks like we have enough soup-makers – thank you! Please bring soups in a pot or kettle to the school on Friday, December 9 or early Saturday morning, December 10.

If you’re baking something… great! We ask that all baked goods be packaged or wrapped in plastic wrap or a plastic bags – ready for people to pick up and go. We don’t want baked food exposed to the air, coughs, fingers, etc.

Please remember to bring in one (or more) salable item(s) this week for our Rainbow Preschool table. So far none have come in. Suggestions: toy, puzzle, book, household item – a unique or interesting item or anything that someone has always been looking or waiting for! 🙂

Please stop by the Craft Fair on Saturday!



Please contact us with any questions.