All Rainbow School teachers meet California state educational requirements for child care centers and preschools. This includes a minimum of 12+ college unit course work in curriculum planning, child growth and development, child, family and community relations, and pediatric first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for children.

Rainbow School employs dedicated, experienced teachers who have chosen this field because they love working with children and families and share our vision that the future lies with the children.

Our wonderful staff includes:

  • Georgia Collin – Rainbow School director and bookkeeper
  • Nancy Pollard – head teacher, preschool and preK classes
  • Donna Howard – coteacher, preschool and preK classes
  • Laranda Facey – head teacher, play group classes
  • Kaija Lane – teacher aide, play group classes
  • Debbie Anderson – Rainbow School Board member
  • Ginny Wade – Rainbow School Board president and treasurer

Please contact us with any questions.