If families express interest and there are available qualified teachers, Rainbow School will offer afternoon classes for children. Fees will be structured in 6-week sessions, one hour per week instruction, and children may continue to enroll with each session offered.

Music – Children learn basic rhythms, time signatures, engaging our bodies in movement for full expression. They’ll listen to various forms of music including symphony orchestra, folk, jazz, musical theater, and other genres. They’ll make their own music with various instruments, enjoy guest musicians and their instruments, and learn lots of fun songs to sing together.

Art – Children learn the basics of art by observing and talking about artists’ styles in history as well as doing various art projects with media such as drawing, painting, mosaic, collage, resist, and 3D constructions. Children’s artistic development must be allowed to expand at their own rate and yet sharpening their artistic memory, then giving them the freedom to express their originality tend to produce artworks that surprise and delight us all.

Please contact us to see what classes are currently being offered.